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Week of November 23 {Reveal}
Happy Monday mermaids! This week I have decided to use one of my newest oracle card decks, The Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth to deliver your weekly motivational messages. Be sure to leave me a comment below with your feedback and if your message resonated with you! I'd love to hear it! <3

What is "faery"? "Faery" is an old term that embraces all the elves and gnomes and fairies and other folk, small and large, of the otherworld. It includes the angels whose wings spread across the cosmos, and the wee things that go bump in the night while they scrub your kitchen, tie your shoes neatly to each other, and knot elf locks in your hair as you sleep.
The word faery also means the place - Faery, the land of all the faeries, also known as the otherworld. Faery is alongside our everyday world, almost but not quite in synchronization with us, overlapping in some ways, different in others, and operating on a different level of energy.  
Using the Faeries' Oracle is not like reading with any other card deck, whether tarot or oracle. In other decks we are working with archetypes and intellectual concepts. In The Faeries' Oracle we are, of course, still concerned with those. However, we are also interacting with the living, breathing faery beings. They are just as real as we are, if not more so, but they are very different from us. These differences and the faeries' inimitable approach to life will provide us with some interesting joys, challenges, and experiences as we become acquainted with and use this deck.
Card #1 Nelys the Alchemyst
Inner Transformation. Irrevocable Change.
When Nelys turns up in your reading. get ready for things to happen, inwardly and outwardly. The stuck becomes unstuck, the blocked begins to move. You may have to run to keep up with the speed at which the situation around you is moving. You may also be surprised by the direction things (and you) are taking. You may find your plans, even your desires and dreams, changing as the transformative process takes place. It might not have been in your plans, but later on you will look back and say, "Wow! It wasn't what I expected, but it was just what I needed."
When we have been through such an alchemical process, we can never go back to what we were before - which is probably just as well.
Card #2 The Singer of Transfiguration
Transformation. Transcendence. Metamorphosis.
Jackpot! This card in a reading signifies the joy of success after a time of struggle. A new way of life has been accepted and is being integrated. A sense of inner peace is growing. The struggle has all been worth it. This is a time of consolidation and joy, and is both a reward for past achievements and a time of preparation for the next climb up the path.
Card #3 Gloominous Doom
Self-defeat. Self-Pity. Self-destruction. Taking care of ourselves.
It is time to face the fact that our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves are our own. We may have learned them from others, but the others are not responsible for them in the here and now. We are. If we choose self-pity and pessimism, we make a choice that makes our lives worse. When this card appears in a reading, it indicates that this is a time when understanding that concept is especially important - a time when there is some sort of a crunch in the situation that offers someone the opportunity to notice and change such self-destructive habits. If it is yourself, you know what you need to do. If it is someone else, you may wish to consider how you might support them in this opportunity for change. Can you make sure to give positive feedback at every appropriate opportunity? Can you refrain from nagging, scolding, or complaining at them when they get it wrong? These things help. 

I hope you enjoyed this interactive reading! Be sure to meet me back here on the Nobella Grace Blog every Monday so I can help get your week set off in the right direction with each card picked with YOU in mind! :)
XOXO, Karabears
Week of November 9 {Reveal}
Happy Wednesday Mermaids!! This week I decided to use The Anubis Oracle: A Journey Into the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt by Nicki Scully & Linda Star Wolf & Illustrated by Kris Waldherr to deliver your weekly motivational messages. Be sure to leave me a comment below with your feedback and if your message resonated with you! I'd love to hear it! <3

Card #1 Sacred Purpose
Ptah, Nut, Geb, and Anubis

Ptah speaks from his intelligent heart and reality is created. Anubis, the fully awakened Shaman Priest, enters the sacred garden through the portal created by the divine parents - the overarching sky goddess, Nut, and the rich, green and fertile Earth god, Geb. Thoth is also present as the rainbow serpent who offers the fruit of wisdom and eternal life from the ancient tree. 

As you focus on the images on this card, perceive your current life situations with the open hearted wisdom of the Shaman Priest, Anubis, so that what is being birthed or created through your thoughts, words, activities, and everyday story have the greatest potential for completion and wholeness. 

Card #2 Amun-Ra
Solar Energies: Transfiguration • Alchemical Gold

Amun-Ra brings together the great solar gods, Amun and Ra, who unite to represent the sun in the fullness of its mysteries. Honoring both the bright golden illuminating brilliance of the day, and the hidden, mysterious night journey when the sun is invisible, Amun-Ra announces our opportunity to step into our full inner authority, into an awakened state of illumined consciousness. When you can fully embrace the cycles of life and death, and pass through the portals of light and dark, each transforms into its opposite. 

In the dance of Ra and Amun, an alchemical process is unleashed as the seen mixes with the unseen. That which is consciously created from that awareness - a project, event, or object - is the spiritualized matter, the alchemical gold. We ourselves are the spiritualized matter when we engage with Amun-Ra, who infuses us with dignity and royalty. The powerful light from the Solar Mysteries shines upon us and transfigures us, and we become spiritually mature beings who embody shamanic consciousness in everyday life. Amun-Ra helps us to realize that everything we need to heal ourselves and our world is within our reach; he enters this oracle to help us find it. 

If you've pulled this card, you are now ready to embody the solar energies and radiate them into the world around you. You have the opportunity to experience a sacred marriage and enter into the company of gods, becoming fully aware of your divinity. As you meditate on the image of Amun-Ra, you may experience a feeling of radiant power and wholeness, and a readiness to step fully into your power in the world. 

Choose wisely what you create from this auspicious moment. Remember that whatever you manifest in the physical world not only shines in the visible, blazing light of Ra but also reflects the Great Mystery of the unseen, Amun, the hidden face of the sun. 

Card #3 Osiris
Regeneration: Transmutation • Beauty

Osiris is the enlightened ruler and husband of Isis who was murdered by his brother Set. Through the love and magical practices of Isis, he was revived sufficiently to transmit to her the seed of Horus. He had previously fathered Anubis with Isis's sister, Nephthys.

In Egyptian mystery teachings, all beings strive to awaken as Osiris. The purpose of scriptures such as the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which is actually the Book of Coming Forth by Day, is to guide souls through the transition of death, as well as the transitions of the shamanic rites of passage through death and the Underworld. 

Although Osiris has long been associated with death and called the Lord of the Underworld, it is more appropriate to acknowledge him here as the archetypal regenerative principle that transmutes outworn, deteriorating form into its renewed, shining manifestation of beauty. Osiris can be found in the primordial, watery deep, and in the river itself. He invites us to let go and rest upon his earthy green chest as he wraps his supportive arms around our bodies and turns us into that which we're in the process of becoming. 

If you've chosen this card, you have been asked to enter deeply into the process of transmutation and regeneration. You are being given the opportunity to experience death of the old consciously and to embrace the beauty that is possible for each of us to experience as we are reborn into the next level of our potential. 

Things are changing in your world, and it can be an exciting time. Regardless of what is happening around you, take time to be quiet, and listen for the whispers from Osiris that come from the deepest recesses of your being. He will speak to you of possibilities, potential, and beauty. Feel the stirrings of regeneration within you when you commune with him. 

If you enjoyed this interactive reading, meet me back here on the Nobella Grace Blog every Monday so I can help get your week set off in the right direction with each card picked with YOU in mind! :)
XOXO, Karabears
Week of October 26 {Reveal}
Happy Monday Mermaids!! This week I decided to use the Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh to deliver your weekly motivational message from your loved ones in Heaven. Be sure to leave me a comment below with your feedback and if your message resonated with you! I'd love to hear it! <3

Card #1 Life is a Series of choices. Choose love.
"Love is the true nature of your soul. By making a choice from love instead of fear, you are saying yes to God. I remember in life when I would let other people's opinions of me define who I was. I was never good enough to be accepted. That was because I was living in fear. But now I know how much more powerful love is."
"By making the right choices, you welcome abundance into every aspect of your life, and I want nothing more than for you to be happy. So with every choice you make, stay true to your nature and choose love. Fear separates; love unites. From over here I will try to remind you to always attempt to see love in all you do; that way you can live a happier more fulfilling life while on Earth."
Card #2 Remember me by the happy memories we created.
"I can see you remembering me with heaviness in your heart, because you worry and grieve. These are normal, beautiful, and understandable emotions. ..and they are part of your healing. However, when the dust settles, I really wish you would focus upon our happy times instead of the sad ending."
"Keep my memory alive by thinking of me at our most joyful times. When something stirs a pleasant memory, talk to me about this, and know that I will hear you and share the sentimental moment with you."
Card #3 We have been together in dreams.
"When you are dreaming, I can more easily connect with you. That's why you've seen and felt my presence while you sleep. Sometimes you fully remember our dream connections, and other times you have a sense that we were together, without a clear memory."
"These experiences are very real! Your soul is traveling while you dream, and I meet you at a similar vibrational level, where we can talk, share, and heal together. These dream connections make me as happy as they do you. I'm also delighted to help you understand their meaning in our conversations." 

If you enjoyed this interactive reading, meet me back here on the Nobella Grace Blog every Monday so I can help get your week set off in the right direction with each card picked with YOU in mind! :)
XOXO, Karabears
Week of October 12 {Reveal}
Happy Monday Mermaids! Below is the reveal for the interactive Soul Coaching reading.
I used the Soul Coaching Oracle Cards: What Your Soul Wants You to Know by Denise Linn. 
Be sure to leave me a comment to let me know if these cards resonated with you! 
I would love to hear your feedback! <3

Card #1 Delight
Card meaning: Clap your hands with joy and let your inner child play. Be silly or play hooky and take a day off. This isn't the time to buckle down and get to work; this is when you should be madcap and spontaneous. Have fun!
Your soul wants you to know: Your spirit guardians are delighted when you're filled with childlike wonder, joy, and exuberance! When just one person experiences true delight, this joyous energy radiates outward like ripples in a pool, reaching even the farthest shores of humanity. Your pleasure can rejuvenate you and can have a powerful healing effect on others.
Affirmation: "I delight in everything in my world, and divine joy fills me!"
Card #2 Embracing
Card meaning: Embrace all of your life, both the dark and the light. Dance with your shadow, and reclaim parts of yourself that you've denied. Embrace your past and what has been hidden or denied.
Your soul wants you to know: The path to wholeness is through accepting and embracing all parts of yourself. Every experience you've had - even the ones that you thought were bad - was important for your spiritual journey. What you deny in yourself can fester and even control your life. Embrace your darkness because you need every aspect of yourself in order to attain wholeness. Don't suppress your anger, bitterness, or fear to a place where it can grow in the deep recess of your being. Bring it to the light. Accept and love it all.
Affirmation: "I embrace and love all of my life."
Card #3 Essence
Card meaning: Find your essence. Simplify and contemplate in the Zen garden of your mind. Discover the stillness in the center of the cyclone; do what's important and let go of the rest.
Your soul wants you to know: Peel away everything that isn't truly you and let your essence shine. If you've ever watched a cut crystal hanging in a window in the sun, you'll remember seeing small rainbows around the room - yet they all emanate from the same source. You have different parts that comprise your identity, yet beneath it all is your spiritual core. Take time to find your source and live from your center. If something doesn't give you joy , don't do it (or find a way to make it more pleasurable). Don't try to expand your personal power and intent without first exploring and understanding the wisdom of your Soul.
Affirmation: "in my essence, I am joy!"

If you enjoyed this interactive reading, meet me back here on the Nobella Grace Blog every Monday so I can help get your week set off in the right direction with each card picked with YOU in mind! :)
XOXO, Karabears
Week of October 5 {Reveal}
Happy Monday Mermaids!! This week I decided to use the Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer to deliver your weekly motivational message from your angels and spirit guides! (or in this case, your animal spirit guides) Be sure to leave me a comment below with your feedback and if your message resonated with you! I'd love to hear it! <3
Card #1 Humpback Whale
Music is essential to your healing and well-being, whether
singing, playing an instrument, or listening.
In order to diagnose their patients, one of the questions that shamans often asked was when the
patient stopped singing. If it had been quite some time, the shaman was certain to recommend
singing (among other remedies) as an essential aspect of recovery. All that's involved when
you sing - the fullness and rhythm of your breathing, the opening of your mouth and jaw, and
the soulful and creative expression of your spirit - serves to enhance your health and raise your
Similarly, playing an instrument can touch those inner creative depths that you yearn to be
expressed through song. Simply listening with your full attention to your favorite tune or melody
can also inspire and heal. Make music as essential to your lifestyle as eating and breathing.
You can breach the inhibitions about expressing yourself musically that you've acquired
over the years in some very simple and easy ways: Sing, chant, or play an instrument! Take a
few voice lessons as a means to shore up your confidence. Let the magical child inside help you
rediscover the joy of creating music. Dive in and play!
Singing; Breathwork; Sound Healing; Sensitivity: Alchemy:
Ancestral Wisdom; Creativity; Inner Depths; Insight; Healing;
Release; Guardianship
Card #2 Snow Leopard
Take some time out of your usual life
and spend it in solitude.
It can be difficult these days to spend time in solitude - to unplug, get off the electronic grid, and
find a quiet place in or near Nature - yet it's important to do so at this time. Turn off the phone,
computer, and television, if only for a few hours. Although you may feel a little anxious and
restless when you first do so, these feelings will pass. Use the time for contemplation and meditation.
It's not isolation; it's solitude. Solitude is a conscious and loving choice to be alone for a period of
time, while isolation is a habitual and reflexive coping pattern to avoid discomfort and intimacy.
If possible, take a full day by yourself, and just do whatever you feel like doing. Whatever length
of time you spend in solitude, be sure to write as often as you can in your journal.
If you should feel guilty or anxious about the thought of doing this or even while you're actually
doing it, use your breath to help you relax. As much as you possibly can during the period of
alone time, remind yourself to breath and relax. Whenever you notice your breathing becoming
shallow, take three or four slow, deep breaths and watch how your tension and anxiety dissipate.
Enjoy the feeling of having the sacred space of solitude surrounding you. And remember:
You're never really alone.
Solitude; Self-reliance; Balance; Silence; Stealth;
Confidence; Determination; Perseverance; Containment;
Sensitivity; Intuition; Reliability; Mysterious; Integration;
Card #3 Chimpanzee
Use both your intuition and your intellect to solve
the problem or get answers to your question.
When your intuition and intellect are in harmonious accord with each other. there's no problem that
you can't resolve. The combination emerges as creative intelligence, an elegant blend of your
capacity for reasoning coupled with a deep trust in your gut feelings. In the flow of thought and
action that results in resolving your question or problem this way, you may surprise yourself as to
how simple and effective the answer really is.
Your intuition is actually a constellation of physical cues that respond to the subtle body language,
voice intonations, and energetic quality of the people or situations around you, often felt in your
gut but not confined to that area. It's your instinct communicating - an aspect of your animal nature
that's cued in to your survival and growth. You can best access this instinctual wisdom by
breathing slowly and steadily and focusing your attention on the physical sensations you notice.
In addition to your intuitive feelings, get more information on which to base your choices by doing
some research. Consult books, the Internet, other types of oracles, and/or discuss the issue with
a friend. Or you may simply need time to contemplate it. Often when you walk away from the problem or question after intensely researching or thinking about it, an unexpected insight surfaces
that helps you discern the best choice among all the possibilities. When there's congruity between
mind and intuition, coupled with a healthy dose of patience, you tap into the deeper wisdom
of Source.
Problem Solving; Agility; Insight; Wisdom; Intuition; Dexterity;
Toolmaking; Harmony; Intelligence; Cooperation; Laughter;
Communication; Affection; Playfulness
Hope everyone enjoyed their spirit animal messages this week! Be sure to meet me back 
here on the Nobella Grace Blog every Monday so I can help get your week set off in the right direction with each card picked with YOU in mind! :)

xoxo, karabears
Week of September 28 {Reveal}
Happy Monday!! This week I decided to do my reading a little differently! I decided to use a 60-card deck called The Law of Attraction Cards by Esther & Jerry Hicks. These cards are all very positive and the messages are sent to remind you that you do have personal control of your life experience & that we were all meant to live a joyful life; and we also know that conscious, deliberate self-empowerment is essential to living such a life. So with that being said, I have pulled a 3 card spread that is relatable to everyone now I feel and it offers up some great advice on the Law of Attraction and how to set clear intentions for what you would like to attract in your daily lives!  

 Understand the Rules of the Game of Life

"Now that I understand the rules of this Game of Eternal that I understand the powerful Law of attraction and Deliberate Creation, I can prepave, segment by segment,my life experience into becoming the Allower I was born to be...for I was destined to a life of fulfillment and never-ending joy." 

I Divide Each Day into Segments of Intentions

The point from which you are consciously perceiving - that point is a segment. Your day may be divided into many segments. It is not necessary to have a rigid schedule of segments, but it is important that you clearly identify when you are moving from one segment of intentions into another segment of intentions. 

As I Am Segment Intending, I Am Attracting

The way you feel is your point of attraction. And so, the value of Segment Intending is that you pause many times during your day to say: This is what I want and expect from this segment of my life experience. And as you set forth those powerful thoughts, you will attract into your experience what you want. 

Have a great week mermaids, hope it's your most positive one yet!!

Xoxo, Karabears 
Week of September 21 {Reveal}
Happy Monday Mermaids!! This week I felt drawn to pull out the healing angel cards
(I used the Doreen Virtue Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards). 
This week is all about letting go, releasing, and healing  <3 
Be sure to leave me a comment to let me know if these cards resonated with you!
 I would love to hear your feedback!


Card #1 Unconditional Joy
This card serves as a reminder that it's possible to experience joy no
matter what's happening in life. Too often, we put conditions on our happiness,
saying, "I'll be happy when {fill in the blank}." However, maintaining a
lighthearted, cheerful mindset can be a potent health prescription
for increased vitality and strength.
Archangel Raphael can help you find something to feel
joyful about by focusing upon the things you're grateful for. As
you allow yourself to be happy today, you attract more circumstances that
will enhance your sense of well-being even more. It's a healthy cycle,
beginning with your present happiness.
Possible specific meanings: Notice three things that
make you feel happy ~ Make a "Gratitude List"~ Keep your thoughts
focused on the here-and-now ~ Hold the intention of enjoying
each moment to its fullest ~ The decision you're contemplating
has a happy outcome
My Prayer

Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for helping me appreciate
everything that makes me happy right now.
Card #2 Detoxification
You drew this card because your body (or the body of the person for
whom you're inquiring ) is highly sensitive to chemicals. Archangel Raphael
is recommending a detoxification, which he will oversee and help you with.
This could mean changing to an organic and natural diet that's devoid
of preservatives, sugar, and other chemicals. This card may also represent
an avoidance of "recreational" substances such as alcohol, drugs, caffeine,
sugar, or nicotine. In some cases, the angels could be steering you away
from environmental irritants at your home or workplace. The
first chemical or substance that comes to mind is an indication
of your detoxification guidance.
Possible specific meanings: Take a detoxifying sea-salt bath ~ Ask
the angels to clear away negative energy ~ Leave a toxic
relationship or situation ~ Detoxify your thoughts by becoming
more positive and optimistic ~ Avoid household chemicals ~
Change or reduce your medications
My Prayer
Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for cleaning
up my body, mind, and life so that I may
happily and healthfully live free of chemicals.
Card # 3 Good Night's Sleep
This card indicates that the quality of your sleep is connected to a
health concern. Perhaps your mind is busy with worry or your body
feels tense due to an excess of stress or caffeine. Regardless of the cause,
Archangel Raphael wants you to enjoy a good night's sleep.
When you wish to fall asleep, think about Raphael and imagine
talking to him about your concerns. Tell him all of your thoughts, fears,
or wishes. When you feel complete, ask t`i,,kiihe archangel to allow your mind
and body to rest peacefully. Raphael will then cover you with his emerald
green energy blanket, which will nourish you as you sleep. He'll
watch over you, making sure that you're safe and protected.
Possible specific meanings: Go on a retreat to revive your body and
spirit ~ Let go of control issues and go with the flow to release
tension ~ Know that you are safe ~ Invest in a comfortable bed
and allergen-free bedding so that you can sleep better ~ Adjust
your schedule in order to have at least eight hours of sleep
each night
My Prayer
Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for helping me
relax and sleep deeply, for I know that you are
guiding, healing, and protecting me while I rest.

I hope you enjoyed this interactive reading! Be sure to meet me back here on the Nobella Grace Blog every Monday so I can help get your week set off in the right direction with each angel card picked with YOU in mind! :)
XOXO, Karabears
Week of September 14 {Reveal}
Happy Monday Mermaids! Below is the reveal for the interactive angel card reading.
I used the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue. Be sure to leave me a comment
to let me know if these cards resonated with you! I would love to hear your feedback! <3

Card #1 Integrity
Align your actions so that they match your values and inner
knowingness of what's right for you.
This card is a response to your questions or prayers about increasing your
happiness and confidence. The angels' answer is: Only conduct activities that you
believe are right. This is based on no one else's code of conduct but your own. 
The angels say that engaging in behaviors that you feel guilty or ashamed about
erode your self-esteem and self-confidence.
Conversely, you can feel great about yourself by only doing that which you
feel is right. Again, this is based on your own moral compass and no one else's.
The angels can help you change or heal any situation or relationship so you're
able to bring your entire life fully into alignment with your inner truth.
Actions Steps
Lie down and meditate in the process normally thought of as "daydreaming" - that
is, allow your imagination to roam free. Instruct your mind, heart, and soul to show
you a mental movie of you living your life at its healthiest and highest levels. Watch
this movie, and notice how it makes you feel. Then say:
"Archangel Michael, I ask that you help me arrange my
life and daily activities so I'm fully immersed and engaged in
actions that have engendered guilt or shame in the past; and
replace them with actions I feel good about."
Card #2 Shield Yourself
Protect yourself from harsh or fear-based energies by
envisioning a cocoon of healing light surrounding you.
The angels brought this card to you because of your heightened sensitivity
to energies. This sensitivity means that you may inadvertently absorb other
people's energies, which may make you feel tired, unfocused, or
upset. Just as you wouldn't walk outdoors in a rainstorm without an
umbrella, it's important to use an energy umbrella in the face
of any emotional downpour.
If you feel negative energy - or people are arguing, competing, or
using frightening words - it's vital for you to shield yourself. This
means imagining that a bubble of protective light surrounds
your entire body. You can also ask Archangel Michael to
guard you from lower energies, and you can even "borrow" his
shield as a protective buffer.
Action Steps
Visualize yourself surrounded by one or more of the following colors
(you can layer colors for multiple purposes, such as a white
light next to you for general protection, followed by a second layer
of green light for healing, and covered by a third layer of purple
light for spiritual protection):
Blue: Increased communication and clarity
Green: Healing and protection of health
Pink: Lightheartedness and romance
Purple: Spiritual protection (shielding from psychic attack)
White: General protection
The light shields last for about 12 hours, less time in harsh
circumstances, so reinvoke them often.

Card #3 Heal Away Addictions
It's time to let go of behaviors that are blocking you
from your heart's desire. Ask Archangel Raphael to
help you with this healing.
This card comes to you to validate what you already know: It's time
to let go of addictive behaviors, as they're interfering with your health,
happiness, and life purpose. The angels ask you to be very honest with yourself,
and admit that these addictions are wasting your time, robbing you of
energy  and confidence, and blocking the answers to your prayers.
Fortunately, the angels will support you through every step of healing
away cravings and other addictive tendencies.
It begins with your making a clear decision to let the addiction
(or addictions) go. Weight the pluses and minuses of the addictive
behavior. Once you're emotionally ready to release it, take the
following Action Steps.
Action Steps
Go to a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Then say,
silently or aloud:
"Archangel Raphael, I call upon you now." 
Think of what you'd like to release (it could include destructive patterns,
compulsive behaviors, toxic relationships, and unhealthful cravings).
Imagine these addictions (or a symbol of them) sitting on your lap or
upper legs. You might see or feel the addictions; and you may also sense
how they're attached to your stomach area with tangled cords, webs, and roots.
Breathe deeply while saying:
"Archangel Raphael, I'm now ready to release these
former addictions to you and Heaven. Please cut all
of the roots, cords, and webs attached to these addictions;
and lift them to the light for transmutation and healing."
After Raphael carts away the addictions, he'll fill you with his emerald green
healing light to nurture, sooth, and fulfill you. You'll notice a drastic reduction
in addictive cravings. Repeat this process if needed until the addiction is
completely cleared.
If you enjoyed this interactive reading, meet me back here on the Nobella Grace Blog every Monday so I can help get your week set off in the right direction with each angel card picked with YOU in mind! :)
XOXO, Karabears

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