Hot Off the Runway: Spring 2015 Hair Trends
We have all seen the 2015 spring fashion trends that graced the Paris and New York runways but, did you happen to pay close attention to the hair trends? If you did, then darling you're already ahead of the game! If you didn't, then prepare to be amazed!! This season is chock full of waist-length braids, air-dried waves, & borderline wet, slick-backed hair...


Spring 2015 is the season for all of you gorgeous mermaids to show off that boho style you've kept dormant all winter! I love ALL of these trends and won't each of them look perfect with the pieces Nobella Grace offers?! I sure hope these help inspire your upcoming spring style like they have for me! 

xoxo, karabears

A Good Year Is Determined By Its' Spring!

Spring is in the air even though the famous Groundhog's from across the nation left us all with conflicting forecasts and even a bitten mayor (Ouch!) But even though these groundhog's might not know what they're talking about in regards to their Spring forecast, Nobella Grace sure does! NBG has been busy posting TONS of new spring arrivals {perfect} for that Bohemian Chic wardrobe of yours! Lots of tunics, printed maxi's, and eye catching prints...there is sure to be something for everyone! :)

Playa Tank - $22 

Mermaids Tank - SOLD OUT
BUT, you can find a TON of other great tanks HERE for less than $20!!
Hopefully I was able to add a little bit of gorgeous fashion inspiration to your Monday morning and let's not forget! This is not your typical Monday...It's President's Day! So let's honor Honest Abe, Old Hickory, Teddy, FDR, JFK, Billy Clinton...can you tell I was getting a kick out of looking up President nicknames this morning? Anyways...what better way to celebrate than going shopping in their honor!
Use code {PRES30} to save 30% today!!

xoxo, karabears

6 Style Tricks That EVERY Fashionista Should Know!
While scrolling through Pinterest last Saturday night, looking for style ideas, I came across this Pin with some of the BEST style tricks...literally the best EVER! So, I thought I would share the wealth of this knowledge with you lovely mermaids because hey...we could always use some awesome new shortcuts to make our fashion world easier!
1. How To Untangle Necklaces
Tip 1: Apply baby oil to the knot with a cotton swab. This will make the chains
slippery, and allow the knot to undo itself easier when you pull on the chain.
Tip 2: Insert a straight pin into the center of the knot, and pull up to separate the chains that your fingers can’t reach.
Tip 3: Sprinkle baby powder on the knot, which will act as a lubricant to make
the chains easier to pull apart.
2. How To Stop Your Sweater From Shedding
Seal the sweater in a Ziploc bag and put it in the freezer overnight. The coldness “locks in” the short fibers and stops them from shedding.
3. How To Deodorize Smelly Shoes
Tip 1: Place dry tea bags in the shoes
Tip 2: Sprinkle baking soda in your shoes
Tip 3: Spray inside the shoes with 1 part water, 1 part white distilled vinegar
4. How To Remove Yellow Armpit Stains
Take one part dishwashing soap, 2 parts hydrogen peroxide, and just a sprinkle of baking soda and mix together. Use a laundry brush to work the mixture into the stain, let the treated shirt sit for an hour, then wash as normal.
5. How To Remove Sweater Fuzz Balls 
Lay the sweater on a flat surface, and hold it taut while gently pulling your tool of choice (you can use a pumice stone, the textured side of a new sponge, or a disposable razor) across the fabric.
6. How To Never Get A Blister Again
Simply rub clear gel deodorant over the area, let it dry, and slip on your shoes. The deodorant will provide an invisible barrier between your skin and the shoe, as well as provide a very light lubrication to prevent friction—way better than an unsightly Band-Aid!
XOXO, karabears
{Tricky Trends} And How To Master Them
It's nice to be able to say that you know which trends are in and which celebrity is wearing what but even the most seasoned fashionista has at least one of these trends that they simply don't know how in the haides to pull off! For me it's patterned leggings. I'm not sure why, but each time I have attempted to wear them I feel as if I just can't pull them off. But, my friends... I'm here to help and give you some great tips on pulling off those tricky  trends that just seem downright impossible! 

Patterned Leggings
You don't have to be any certain height, shape, or body type to pull this tricky trend off; you simply need confidence and a great pair that you feel comfortable in! Patterned leggings are worn best with tunics, slouchy sweaters, and over-sized tee's. You're also going to want to stay away from pairing them with anything sheer (keep your top half opaque) and mixing them with too many colors. Your leggings are the ones making the statement here so you don't want to wear a top that takes away from that! Here is a great example of a simple boho look wearing patterned leggings.
Nobella Grace has got you covered in mastering this tricky trend! You can get their Perfect Pocket Tee $19 and their Mineral Wash Leggings $22 to pull it off perfectly :)

See-Through Tops
Lace, tulle, mesh, and chiffon are starting to make an appearance as the spring season gets closer and you might be wondering how in the world you can pull this off?! I'm here to tell you that sheer does not have to equal skimpy! When styling a see-through top, think about the occasion. Is it a night out? casual? Pair your top with a cami or bralette (which are a bit too skimpy to wear on their own) and a pair of high-waisted jeans/shorts or leggings (to cover your mid-section) for that perfect, classy spring/summer look! Just be cognizant of the color you choose to wear underneath as you won't want to come off like you've just stepped behind an x-ray ;)
Get your complete see-through top kit here at Nobella Grace!
Get the Boho Lace Tank $29 and the Daphne Bralette $24

Big Floppy Hats

Floppy hats are chic and not to mention very practical! Their wide brims protect your eyes from the sunlight and they can also cover up your dirty 3rd day hair ;) however, despite all the advantages to wearing these gorgeous pieces they are BIG and you might feel super awkward wearing such a large, bold statement piece..let alone a karge, bold statement on your head of all places! But there are a TON of styles that would meet the needs of literally everyone! First things first...find one that fits properly! A proper fitting hat should allow about two fingers width of room between the middle of your forehead and the hat. Next, work on finding one that fits your style, pick the right material, and also pay attention to your posture while wearing it. 

Nobella Grace has you covered once again with the Grace Hat $30

Hope these little tricks of the trade help you wear something that you've been dying to try out but might not know exactly how to pull off :)
Had a great day mermaids!

xoxo, karabears  
Karabears Fall 2014 Mini Look Book
I'm a tad bit late on posting this week but I promise it was for a good reason! I was in the process of compiling my favorite fall outfits to create my own mini look book to share with y'all! Now, I don't know about you, but I thoroughly enjoy looking back through old pics to see how the trends have changed, to gain inspiration from my past styles, or just to laugh at myself for lack thereof! So I hope y'all enjoy my personal favorite outfits for fall 2014 featuring none other than Nobella Grace :)

First up is my go to outfit for fall; a comfy cardi& tee! This look is the easiest to achieve and ANYONE can pull this off with no problem! Just grab any old cardi and a tee (My favorites are the Nyla & Fringe Benefits Cardi's from Nobella Grace) & BOOM! You're effortlessly chic& put together!

And...even though both of these cardi's are out of stock (sad face!!!) NBG is constantly adding new ones!! You can view them here at Cardi HEAVEN 

 This next look of mine is a 2 in 1...This outfit covers two popular trends from this fall; military khaki and pattern mixing! This one can be a bit tricky to pull off & believe me...I've crashed & burned A LOT trying to pull this off because it's either a hit or miss...but this my friends is definitely a hit :)
I'm wearing the NBG, Boho Military Tunic (which can be purchased HERE for just $36) & Athena Dress, which the majority of you have in your closest already from the summer collection!  

This next one needs no introduction...FUR. Need I say more? Fur is HUGE this year and showed up on nearly every single runway! I know that I have seen it everywhere lately and also in a ton of color options!! However, I'm more of a neutral kind of girl so my favorite fur piece for fall is this NBG, Jet Faux Fur Vest (get it HERE for just $44) paired with the Glitter Tee!
 Graphic Tees are also HUGE of course and NBG has no shortage of them! Find your perfect graphic tee here in Tee Shirt HEAVEN

And last but certainly not least, my FAVORITE look for this fall is a cozy sweater!! Thick-knit sweaters are huge this fall and ruffles are always darling so of course my favorite sweater this fall is this beauty (The Sweet Layers Tunic from NBG)
This sweater is currently out of stock however, there's plenty more where this came from over at Nobella Grace
Hope you all enjoyed taking a peak into my fall 2014 mini look book & maybe...just maybe it gave you a bit of inspiration on what looks you'll be choosing to brandish this fall :)
xoxo, karabears

4 Ways to Style a {Cargo Jacket}

These olive green jackets are everywhere these days so when Nobella Grace debuted the GORGEOUS Lacey Embroidered Cargo Jacket ($46) I naturally had to scoop it up! The Lacey Cargo Jacket is a great staple piece for fall; it's versatile, warm and just has that certain something that can pull together any outfit! It has a tie in the back, which is perfect for giving you a more tailored look and unlike the more common cargo jackets, this one has beautiful lace crochet detail on the shoulders that gives it a much more feminine look than most.
I can tell you that it was a blast coming up with different ways to style this gorgeous piece! There are literally hundreds of  ways that it can be styled but I picked four of my favorites to share with you!

This first look is my Hollywood glam look! I felt like such a movie star pairing this beautiful cargo jacket with my vintage NBG Golden Goddess Skirt and matching graphic tee from Loved By Hannah and Eli. This would be such a great look for a night out on the town!
I actually wore this second look out for date night Saturday! I simply paired this romper from Wal-Mart I got over the summer with a pair of Black Leggings ($12) and some black booties from Buckle and presto! Perfect date night outfit!  
This look was so incredibly comfy I can't even describe it! Just see for yourself! I paired some Destroyed Denim Jeans ($42), a plum colored sweatshirt (NBG has a similar one Kiki Sweatshirt $32), and a leopard neutral to bring it all in for this gem of a look!  
Last but certainly not least, this look would be perfection for any upcoming holiday party! Grab you some tall boots, some fur (from Bethany's Style Aisle), and the NBG Emerson Plaid Dress ($32) for this elegant look! 

Hopefully you are as inspired to style this wonderful cargo jacket as I am and if you haven't purchased it yet, you will want to get right on it since these beauties are sure to go quick!
xoxo, karabears


Holiday Style On A Budget!

Style is style darlings, no matter what your budget is and looking fabulous does not have to break the bank!
With that being said, I have put together a few different ensembles for all of you lovelies that will be perfection for the holidays! And as an added bonus, you wont have to hide any of these purchases from your husband ;)
Holiday Look Under $35!
Isn't this look just the most festive looking ensemble that you've ever seen? I own this Jillian Tunic Dress from Nobella Grace and let me just tell you..IT IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE PIECE OF CLOTHING YOU WILL EVER OWN!! (yes, I'm yelling at you!!) Take this dress, pair it with the Emerald Square Dangle Earrings from Metal Marvels and boop! You're holiday ready my friend and you've still got plenty of coins left in your stylish little pocket!
Holiday Look Under $50
The Ashley Dress from Nobella Grace is the modern day version of the dress that Cinderella wore to the royal ball! When you wear this dress all of your dreams will come true...well maybe not, but it sure will make you look and feel like a princess!! The gorgeous lace and sequin top, its' whimsical light blues and golds and the flowy bottom is absolutely perfect for dancing the night away at the party! Add the Gray Crystal Stone Bracelet from Metal Marvels for an even dreamier look :)  
Holiday Look Under $65!
WARNING: This look is a show stopper!!
When you wear this gorgeous ensemble, you will be SURE to make one heck of a statement and all eyes WILL be on you! Just imagine casually stroll into the party, you look like one big ball of Holiday cheer wearing your striking Wilma Necklace from Metal Marvels that just so happens to bring out the bright shades of blue in your Poppy Plaid Shirt Dress from Nobella Grace. Everyone immediately stops and stares as you walk by, wishing they could put an amazing outfit together like this...they love you, they want to be you, etc., etc.  WINNING!  
There you go my sweets; three different looks that will work for every budget! Which one is your favorite?
xoxo, karabears


A Cure for Your Monday Blues!
Have you got the Monday blues? Well, you're in luck because girl, I've got the cure for you! Here is a sneak peek of what NBG has in store for you tomorrow for Cyber Monday!!

First up is this beautiful tunic dress! The colors are perfect for the holidays and trust me when I say that this is THE most comfortable piece of clothing that you will ever own! I have this dress in another pattern from NBG and the material is glorious!

Next is this stunning boho tunic dress! The patterns and colors of the peekaboo fabric underneath the sweater top will be sure to satisfy each of your needs to be mermaid chic!

Now...remember that Military Khaki trend that was all over the fall 2014 runways? NBG is right on track with this b e a u t i f u l  military khaki field jacket! 

This piece is sure to make a statement with its' cinch waist that will give you the perfect shape and the gorgeous lace shoulder details that give it that extra special feminine touch. This piece my friends, is a necessity!!
Last but certainly not least, is this fabulous plaid dress! Plaid can be acceptable in ANY situation and when pulled off correctly, it has the possibility to look fabulously chic! This new plaid dress from NBG not only satisfy your mad about plaid cravings, but will also keep you looking effortlessly chic during the holidays!
Here, Kaitlin has paired the two pieces beautifully! Grab all of these new arrivals by clicking HERE! These will go quick no doubt!!

Now for the best part!! NBG has been celebrating all weekend by offering some AMAZING discounts and flash sales for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, I hope you were able to take advantage!!! So of course,  Cyber Monday will be no different! 

Be sure you're following NBG on social media for a code to save BIG on your entire purchase that will be released tomorrow!!
Happy Shopping and hope this makes your Monday a little better!! :)
xoxo, karabears


Remembering Oscar de la Renta

RIP, classic clothier Oscar de la Renta. During his impressive tenure, he dressed everyone from first ladies to Hollywood's A-listers. De la Renta's pieces could easily be identified by his use of delicate silk prints, ruffles, soft silhouettes and vibrant palettes. His flattering and feminine pieces inspired women all around the world, and also became some of the most sought after in haute couture.
So today in honor of the late, great Oscar de la Renta, I have chosen to share my top 5 favorite looks from throughout his amazingly fashionable career. Hope you enjoy mermaids!


Jackie Kennedy wearing a fitted silk apricot dress by Oscar de la Renta in 1962.
De la Renta went on to dress every first lady that followed...

Cameron Diaz wearing Oscar de la Renta during the 82nd Annual
Academy Awards in 2010.
Taylor Swift wearing a custom pale pink Oscar de la Renta gown with satin
embellishments and Lorraine Schwartz jewels to the 2014 Met Gala.  
Beautiful vintage dress by Oscar de la Renta from 1969.
Nicole Richie wearing Oscar de la Renta during a photo-shoot for the
May 2014 issue of Paper Magazine.
Comment with some of your top favorite pieces designed by Oscar de la Renta! 
xoxo, karabears
3 Stylish Ways to Wear Graphic Tees
Graphic Tees are EVERYWHERE at the moment! We have begun seeing celebrities, models, and really anyone of elite status sporting these tees that once resided in our high school wardrobe! Graphic Tees are even popping up on the red carpet! SO it's no surprise that Graphic Tees are beginning to show up right here at Nobella Grace!

Each of these Graphic Tees can be purchased for under $24!

Whether you plan to wear your Graphic Tee out on a day filled with errands or for a night out on the town, here are 3 stylish ways to wear it!

1. Graphic Tee + Statement Maxi Skirt = Creative Black Tie Outfit
NBG Messy Hair Tee - $22
Maxi Skirt is Vintage NBG
2. Graphic Tee + Skinnies + Cardi = The Perfect Weekend Outfit 
NBG Tank - $16
Cardi is Vintage NBG

3. Graphic Tee + Leather Leggings + Fur Vest= Chic Dinner Outfit
NBG Messy Hair Tee - $22
NBG Jet Faux Fur Vest - $44

Hope this gives you a little inspiration on how to style those super stylish graphic tees of yours! 

xoxo, karabears


Trend Inspiration From The Fall 2014 Runways!

During fashion month we were all presented with a vast array of possible upcoming trends for fall that featured lots of striking silhouettes and experimentation with new materials. Now that September is finally here, (Yay for fall!!!!) let us reflect on the trends that designers presented to us and that are now beginning to show themselves right here at Nobella Grace!

Of course, it’s no surprise that Nobella Grace is right on track with the 2014 fall fashion trends. SO…I have listed some FABULOUS ready-to-wear pieces available at that are inspired by my favorite trends hot off the runway!

Sweet Sixties
As Seen On The Runway
Left to right, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Saint Laurent
Also seen at Miu Miu, Valentino, and Ralph Lauren
As Seen at Nobella Grace

Grab one of these Sweet Sixties inspired pieces for $32 or under!
As Seen On The Runway
Left to right, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Valentino
As Seen At Nobella Grace

Grab this Fairytale inspired Maxi for just $45!
Aspen Chic
As Seen On The Runway
Left to right, Louis Vuitton, Maison Martin Margiela, Tommy Hilfiger
Also seen at Miu Miu, Saint Laurent, and Temperley London
As Seen at Nobella Grace

Left to right, Fall For It Cardi, Nyla Cardi
Grab each of these gorgeous Aspen Chic inspired pieces for under $46

Optical Monochrome
As Seen On The Runway
Left to right, Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Dries van Noten
Also seen at Giambattista Valli, Maiyet, and Creatures of the Wind
As Seen at Nobella Grace

Grab this runway inspired piece for just $30!
As Seen On The Runway
Left to right, Etro, Roberto Cavalli, Burberry Prorsum
Also seen at Tommy Hilfiger, Barbara Bui, and Alexis Mabille
As Seen At Nobella Grace
Grab each of these runway inspired pieces for $42 each!
Military Khaki
As Seen On The Runway

Left to right, Balmain, Calvin Klein, Isabel Marant
Also seen at Vivienne Westwood, Alberta Ferretti and Paul & Joe

As Seen at Nobella Grace
Grab this trendy tunic for just $36!

These fabulous runway inspired pieces are sure to go quick! Be sure you don’t miss out and head on over to to purchase!

XOXO, Karabears

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